Andy is a minister, blogger and campaigner.


'The God I worship is the God who was the homeless refugee. The son of an unwed teenage mother. The carpenter who builds a bigger table, not the builder who builds walls between people. My politics and theology flow from that.'

Andy is the Pioneer Baptist Minister of Picket Twenty Church and the Authorised Presbyter of Bridge St and St Andrew's Methodist Churches, Andover.

First elected as a councillor at 20 in 2010 he has, since then, been involved in local and national political discussions. A successful campaigner with a proven track record of delivering positive change. 

Andy is regularly invited to preach and speak in churches, Cathedrals and at events across the country, on topics from politics to theology.

He writes published articles and blogs on a variety of subjects. 

He studied Theology at Regents Park College, Oxford.


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