A better North West Hampshire - for the many, not the few 

I have a plan to bring life back into our area and to make our community the best place to grow up, live, work and retire in. My plan for North West Hampshire is a simple one, but one I think will deliver results and see the changes we need to bring life back into our towns and villages. If elected I will:

  • Continue to Live here, be visible and be accountable

  • Actively encourage business and shops to invest in our community

  • Ensure that our Hospitals and GPs are open and fully supported

  • Stand up for residents, not stand by

  • Actively support and promote our local Charities and community groups

  • Work to support the most vulnerable in our community

See our local manifesto below for more details!

About me:

I grew up in Andover and work in Whitchurch. My family settled here with the Army. I am a part-time Baptist Minister and have served on Andover Town Council since 2010. For over 10 years I have been running youth groups and supporting the young people of Andover, most recently through Andover Youth Council. I am passionate about Andover West being well supported and represented.

Why vote for me?

I am an optimist who thinks things can change but we face a crucial moment in our history.

Do we decide to continue along a track which has seen big corporations have their taxes cut, the 1% double their wealth, schools underfunded and the NHS in crisis and a Brexit that could see us crash out of the EU with no deal affecting 45% of the countries exports?

Or do we go for something different?

Do we go for a country where fairness is placed at the heart of all decisions?


Do we go for a country which values the NHS and our Schools enough to properly fund them and support our doctors, nurses and teachers?

Do we go for a country where power isn't held by the few but by the many?

I am Labour because I believe that by working together we achieve more than we do by working alone. I am Labour because I think our public services are important and should remain public. 

If you think these things too, then please, vote for me on June 8th.

Vote for me to stand up for you and this beautiful part of the world and my home, North West Hampshire.

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© Andy Fitchet 2020